Thursday, July 26

Back running

I ran… and I loved every minute, every footstep!

After what was approaching three weeks, and felt a great deal longer, on Monday I ignored the doctors orders and snuck out for a small jog (before Ally arrived home from the office). I cannot even begin to tell you how much I utterly enjoyed it, “standing on the top of Linden, just feet from my doorstep, I looked south down the length of the tree lined lane, through Fairfield, across the Strait and onto the Olympic Mountains… I love that view. The clouds were heavy with rain, and although it didn’t pour, the drops that did land were the size of golf balls, instantly soaking a disproportionate amount of the body”.

I had originally hoped to run a fast, if not PB, half marathon in Maui this September but given the recent training (or lack there of), I’m going to have to revisit the program in a few weeks and choose an alternate autumn goal.

With the wedding only two days away now, and not one to be disheveled easily, I’m surprised at how excited I am and the anticipation that has been building is reminiscent of a decade of childhood Christmas’. This is going to be a fun weekend.

Monday: therapeutic 27:02
Tuesday: easy 55:43
Wednesday: easy 27:12


Cliff Tam said...

Heh :)

When i busted my shoulder and I was seeing a specialist..i just ask him if it is ok for me to swim. I didn't told him I am going to do an Ironman :)

Hope you have a blast on your big day :) We need pics!!

Mark said...

Best of luck in your wedding and congratulations!

Enjoy the honeymoon it should be the best time of your life.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Mike! I am so happy you are back running. Have a fantastic wedding! Mar

Love2Run said...

Hope everything goes well and you stay away from mountain bikes during the honeymoon. Enjoy the moment!

Eric said...

Congrats on your wedding, and good to hear you are out running again.

Enjoy the honeymoon! Take care.

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Congratulations and have a blissful honeymoon.

Anonymous said...