Monday, July 23

Forgoing the mill for misery

After enjoying last Monday's run, I went out the following Tuesday and pushed the boundaries even further deciding to run a workout. Given ten days without activity I wanted to keep it simple and ran a 20' tempo (10' out and back) trying to pick it up on the return. After about a minutes recovery I through in four one-minute hard pieces, allowing the legs to open up. Everything was fantastic... that was until Wednesday morning.

Ally and I went to the hospital for more x-rays which confirmed (I couldn't rotate my arm far enough when I had the original x-rays taken) that my radial head was broken. The kicker was having three doctors stand around, one with the nerve to say, "it's a lot worse than I thought". The long and short of it is a) the radial head is fractured, b) the arm/elbow is compacted (moved and isn't moving back... yet) and c) I can't run, feck!

The last point (c) isn't entirely true as he said I could run on the treadmill with my arm in a sling but as a) I don't own a mill, b) I don't want to pay to run and c) it's freak'n summer, I'm forgoing the mill for misery. With our wedding in less than a week, perhaps having some additional time on my hands is a silver lining, but, the fact that I can do squat negates the cup-half-full theory. More x-rays tomorrow and with some luck, the approval for a desperately needed run...


Anonymous said...

Ah CRAP!! I know I can't say anything that will make you feel loads better but at least the weather is sucking right now. Jeeze Mike, I am so sorry but I am sure you'll make a quick recovery. The focus on the wedding will be good for you (and Ally!) and you'll be back running very soon! Mar

rumon said...

hey mate. thoughts on getting out for some strong hiking up Mt. Fin? i'm trying my hardest to break my arm too over here in Whistler (solidarity, right?), but so far no luck. i'll keep trying.

pumped for saturday!


Chris said...

It'll all seem a distant memory a few months after....just now it sucks.

You have the wedding to take your mind off the lack of running thing....but yeah bummer!

Chin up man!

Cliff Tam said...


Get lots of rest and take care yourself. Like u, i got stupid and mountain bike 3 weeks out from Lake Placid. Flipped over, landed on my right shoulder and suffered an AR tear and minor cracked one of the bones. I still manage to swim well but recovery took a while.

Anonymous said...


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