Wednesday, August 1

Just married…

I’m sitting here sipping the remnants of a great bottle of Leyva Agave Reposado that Carter left with me on my stag, silently reflecting on the whirlwind of events that have swept over me the last few days.

My arm is still recovering (I have more x-rays scheduled in two weeks) and I have been given the green light to run on the roads, although my doctor (and bride) probably wouldn’t have liked to learn of me trail running the morning of my wedding… or of me falling on my arm.

The fact that Rumon was with me is mere coincidence.

My training will continue to take a backseat for the remainder of the week until I have some time to revise my fall schedule (Boston is still on the cards for spring).

I’ve posted a few pictures from the wedding for the sentimental folk among us, but will refrain from going into literary detail save for a few brief words. The ceremony, reception, dinner and Celtic band went off without a hitch, were more enjoyable, and passed faster than I ever could’ve imagined.

Ally looked lovely!

Thank you to everyone who attended the wedding and made the event as wonderful as it was. Again, thank you to everyone who has extended words of congratulations, they’re much appreciated.

Until later then, cheers!

Thursday: 51:20 with 20’ tempo
Friday: 27:06 easy
Saturday: 1:06:51 easy (apart from falling, this time not Carter’s fault)
Sunday: day off
Monday: day off
Tuesday: 26:29 easy
Wednesday: 38:15 with Moneghetti fartlek, i.e., 2x90” (90”), 4x60” (60”), 4x30” (30”) and 4x15” (15”)


Thomas said...

Congratulations to the Newlyweds! I trust you had a great time. Enjoy the honeymoon!

Love2Run said...

Beautiful! Have a great week, month, year and more!

Mark said...

Congratulations and hope to see you newlyweds in Boston next April!

Mike said...

Ahhh, this was a great post to see. Have a lovely honeymoon. Getting married was the best thing I ever did, and by the way you write about your bride I'm assuming the same will be true for you.

Cliff Tam said...


Congrats. Enjoy the rest and the honeymoon.

Lawrence said...

Congrats. I'll 2nd Mike's comment, getting married was the best thing I did too.

Anonymous said...