Saturday, June 30

Short and Sweet

Short – yesterday after work I felt more exhausted than I had in quite some time, but given the week that’d just ended I was desperately in need of a run. Moss Rock, Ross Bay Cemetery, the lower trails of the Government House (still don’t know the proper name) and then back to my street, not where I live, but a street that I own… where I proceeded to complete 6x 20+”, these strides feeling as good as they get. It looks like the legs are slowly coming around!

Sweet – today, I met an abbreviated clinic group out at Thetis (with an additional guest runner, thanks Carter) and took them on some of my favourite trails in the park; what I call Seymour Hill, the log crossing to McKenzie Creek Trail and my shoe tree, Upper & Lower Thetis and home via the stairs… an epic run and a fantastic way to start the l-o-n-g weekend!

Friday: 31:01 with 6x strides (20”)
Saturday: easy 1:26:43


Michael said...

Mike – refreshing to hear someone gripe about a lack of warm weather? And I’ve been sitting here, having never been to Arizona but dreaming of some of the dry desert heat that you occasionally speak of. I suppose I should count my blessing as I don’t know how you manage to run in that heat, it’d do me in.

The achilles was acting up as a result of the hills, but after some proper and prolonged stretching of my hamstrings it appears to have gone away. I’m definitely going to have to reintroduce some stretching into the weekly routine.

Diva – hurry up and start running!

Love2Run said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm still looking for a small portable camera that I could carry on my runs. Nice to hear your legs are back in town.

Anonymous said...