Sunday, August 10

Feeling Good

Despite having not put in much speed work, I’m really happy with how my body is responding at the moment. Taking it easy the last few months has really allowed me to recover and build a comfortable base.

Saturday saw seven of us tackle Mount Finlayson, some for the first (and probably last) time. With four members of the group working towards the Great Lake Walk in late September, our bi-weekly runs are becoming more challenging with race just around the corner. The highlight was definitely the view from the 419 meter (1,375 feet) summit. The following email was waiting for me at work this morning:

“My legs are screaming, I hate Mike. Okay, I can hardly walk today. Stairs are not on the agenda for today. Is anybody else sore?”

Mission accomplished!

Yesterday, Hicham and I looped around what has quickly become one of my favourite routes; around Mount Doug and McMinn Parks, and circling Rithet’s Bog… while avoiding all the major climbs in the area (his request not mine).


Saturday: very easy 2:19:35
Sunday: rolling 1:21:26


Cliff said...


That sounds like a lot of hurting :)

Thanks for the write up on the training plan. I have a question. I am not sure what the acroynyms stands for.

What's M in 3xM tempo + 1h easy + 3xM tempo; 2h with 6M MP building to 12M MP?

Michael said...

M = mile, MP = marathon pace & h = hour. I'm not suggesting you do this but rather wanted to give you some options. Good luck!

Anonymous said...