Tuesday, August 26

Mount Doug (hills)

Please excuse the brevity but the taxi is coming in less than 40’ and I still have to hop in the shower having just returned from a pre-plane run. Oh, and I hear the baby.

Yesterday I had what was probably one of my best workouts in months, perhaps even a year or more. I felt as if I broke free from a restrictive cocoon and now have only possibility in front of me. Granted I was nervous at the start of the session given last week’s slugfest, but the Gods were on my side, eith er that or it was the homemade sausages from Rumon.

For those of you who know Mount Doug, I made my way over to Whitaker and ran the dastardly steep sand hill for my 30” intervals. The forth one left me with my balls in my mouth while gasping for much needed air. And then the lactic acid. Feck!

I then jogged down toward the bottom of Whitaker and started the 1’ pieces. I timed, and then marked the first three after which I aimed for the literal line in the dirt. I almost stopped at six, and perhaps I should have. Nevertheless, after allowing an additional 10” recovery I launched into a seventh repeat, knees rising and arms pumping amazed to hit the top marker with 5” to spare. Epic.

After such a great w/o yesterday, I fully expected the pins to be throbbing today but it was not to be. The sun was shining, the birds busily preparing for fall and every step better than the last. I’ll try posting a bit from the UK, got to run, ciao!

Monday: 1:07:42 with 4x30” (2’) hills + 7x1’ (2’) hills
Tuesday: undulating 32:24


Grellan said...

Holy sh*@. I sometimes run hard but I never managed a feat like that (balls in mouth I mean). If only you had a race coming up. Great workout.

Brad Cunningham said...

I miss Mt. Doug. And I miss you! Although I don't miss the sandhill at all - too many Gutbuster memories!

I am looking forward to being able to run again in the trails of Mt. Doug sooner than later.

Anonymous said...