Friday, August 29

Running in the UK

We arrived safe and sound after an uneventful flight where Isla was a star. After taking the red-eye and arriving bleary eyed and bushed, our friend met us at the airport and drove us to their place only four miles from the Welsh boarder. The last time I drove on the left was in rural Ireland two years ago and I think driving over here is going to take a bit of adjustment. Everyone seems to be in a rush and the number of lorries on the road is ridiculous, I've never seen anything like it.

I've managed to squeeze in a few runs which has been great fun! Yesterday I discovered some ancient arches at the top of an epic climb. Today I'm going to see if i can find the Mortimer Trail, a 30-mile regional trail that takes in all ridges and forests in the area. It's not that I haven't been able to find any trails, the nearest only 5 ft from the house, but making sense of them while avoiding fields of bullocks has been difficult. Our time here has been very enjoyable and the scenery absolutely breathtaking. We're here for a few more days and then we're off down to the Cornish coastal.

Yesterday we managed to enjoy a few sneaky pints and discovered a great local brew called Butty (?); Carter, Seamus, I was thinking of you two. More later, typing on this laptop is killing me.

Wednesday: day off (unscheduled)
Thursday: easy 45:11
Friday: 39:34 with 10' tempo


Love2Run said...

Cool! Hope you can get more running in than I did over there. I'm back in Canada now and miss the great beer already. Enjoy!

rumon said...


Thinking of you too. Hope you're having still having a wonderful time over there. Here in Denver, soon to head home, I'm thinking fondly of our runs in Spring '07. Don't fear the bollucks, my man! Have another sneaky one or two for the lads. Looking forward to sharing stories upon your return.


Michael said...

The beer has been fantastic, and if I run 10' for every pint I've had...

Rumon, congratulations on the run, looking forward to catching up.

Anonymous said...