Friday, August 8

A Lesson in Proprioception

Hicham’s schedule, not mine, called for some one minute repeats but with nothing to lose at this point I decided to keep him company. I remembered that Tergat would run a similar workout on one of the Polo fields near his house and with that in mind I talked Hicham, after a longer warm-up, into running the session up on the playing fields at Beckwith Park. I’d been up there previously in the week and the grass is in excellent condition (probably the best I’ve ever seen)… thick, healthy and tall (3”-4”).

The park are a combination of about four or five soccer pitches which makes it a great place to run 1’ repeats without having to replicate track conditions, i.e. running in a tight circle. After easing into the first few we were in full form and flying by six. After #8 we decided to quickly kick off our shoes and run the remainder barefoot… I loved it! I felt like a child again and it provided some needed inspiration to keep me honest.

After the w/o we laced up our shoes and head home and it was then that I could feel every muscle in my foot and lower leg that is usually kept in check by wearing shoes. Definitely something to repeat.


Thursday: 58:17 with 12x1’ (1’)
Friday: Day off (scheduled, coincidently not feeling 100%)


Grellan said...

Great workout. The feeling of freedom when running without shoes is fantastic.

p.s. You asked what training programme I was on. It's from "Brain Training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald.

Marc said...

That sounds like some fun - barefoot in the grass - and a good workout with the mile repeats off the track.

"I felt like a child again..."

I get the same feeling when I happen to look up at the sky and become entranced with the movement and ever-changing shapes of the clouds. We don't spend enough time running barefoot or watching clouds.

With regard to your question, it is 13 miles door to door to get to work. I have been planning on doing as you suggested - alternating biking and running - and will hopefully get into that routine soon. I've had to take our youngest to camp on my way in to work a few days a week, and we've only one car at present.

Loved the vacation pics!

Anonymous said...