Wednesday, August 6

Hot in the City

“It's hot here at night…” okay, I’ll save you from the rest of Billy Idol’s lyrics but I thought they were fitting given the evening we had yesterday. Granted it’s not as humid as some eastern/southern climes, only 38%, but as I looped around Beckwith Park I was sweating profusely in the balmy 28C sunshine.

I had planned on an easy jaunt around Mount Doug but when I discovered that the Prairie Inn Harriers were running on of the summer Wildcard Workouts at a park I decided to opt for some social running.

Despite not running anything faster than a few quick strides since late May, I was surprised at how I responded, particularly as the 800m loop was on lush, thick grass. The highlight was finishing the workout prior to the water park shutting off and enjoying a rewarding soak.

As for this evening, my calves hurt for the first time in months.

Tuesday: 58:15 with 4x (800m, (1’), 500m) (1’)
Wednesday: easy 40:23


Love2Run said...

That cool off shower looks great! Re: Boston accommodations I'm super lucky staying with friends and haven't hit a hotel yet. Other NB runners have had good luck at the Brookline Holiday Inn which is right on the subway route so transportation is easy. I see that the hotels are filling up quick too. Drop me an email at:

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