Sunday, August 31


Our vacation in Great Britain continues to be enjoyable, sadly, and should I look at the big picture perhaps for the best, my running has taken a back seat. Still, I've managed to sneak out for a couple more runs.

Yesterday I went for what has been my most enjoyable run yet in the UK. I started in Shobdon and headed north through field after field of wheat or black currants (Ribena) before passing an ancient curch known as the Court and north still up through a set of arches built in 1158 +/- a year or two. From there it was along a short roadway to Easthampton after which it was back onto the fields before turning up a redicoulously steep trail that peaked in Shobdon Hill Wood and finally conecting with the Mortimer Trail. From here it was valley after valley of what looked liked the Shire which left me breathless. Only two things would've made this run better, good company (Rumon) or a pint at the finish.

As enjoyable as yesterday was, today was desperate and almost dreadful. After a large Ploughman's lunch that included a block of Stilton that would've cost > $10 back home, I decided to go out for a jaunt. Stupid. Needless to say my stomach was far from settled. My workout degraded into a long run which quickly tuned into survival and lastly just fresh air. The highlight though was catching sight of two gorgeous foxes playing in the corner of a field.

Tomorrow, Cornwall, as long as the car holds together... and I figure out the driving.

Saturday: hilly 58:45
Sunday: easy 29:26


Marc said...

Sounds like fun! A few years ago we vacationed in the UK and I enjoyed the running there...though you must remember to look right FIRST when crossing traffic. Tow paths on the canals were best.

Have fun in Cornwall! Oh, and be mindful of the round-a-bouts...just remember clockwise and you'll be fine.

How about some pictures?

Anonymous said...