Thursday, March 12

The Big Easy

It is either easy or impossible” - Salvador Dali

I don’t know whether it was because of Tuesday’s hard effort, the cold weather, or a combination of the both, but my run home on Wednesday was borderline painful (and if nothing else slow). The redeeming feature was that Jon had labeled the jaunt easy. It wasn’t until crossing the Gorge Trestle, having just clocked a 4:49 km (7:45 pace/mi) that I realized just how easy I was going. I don’t believe I looked at the watch again until I made it home. I loved every minute.

Today was good. Enjoyable. With the sun shinning and the weather marginally warm (8C), I traced most of the waterfront home and managed to keep a solid, comfortable clip underfoot.

As for tomorrow, that’s where it gets really fun… nista, niets, nichts, niente & nothing.

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday: easy 54:29
Thursday: steady 1:16:55
Friday: day off (scheduled)