Sunday, March 15

Boston Marathon (5-weeks out)

Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.” - W. C. Fields

My training this weekend went well, not as well as it did three years ago but I took a multitude of steps in the right direction.

On Saturday, I was down at Oak Bay track running kilometer repeats off 90” rest. More than anything, I wanted to build into the session and I believe I accomplished that:

3:34, 3:29, 3:28, 3:27
3:26, 3:27, 3:29, 3:24

As for Sunday, well it snowed once again and Hicham and I found ourselves halfway up Mount Doug dreaming of warmer weather.

As for this week, a friend of mine is out from the UK. And not coincidently I forgot how much I appreciate Ardbeg.

Here’s to a good week.

Saturday: 1:16:17 with 8x1k
Sunday: easy 1:32:59

Weekly mileage: 6h24’59”, +/- 90k or 56 miles


Grellan said...

Not long now Michael, only a few more weeks of solid work. Very impressive 1,000's.

Mr. Fields certainly had a way with words - and drink!

Anonymous said...

Heya Mike! Great wo! I look forward to doing some track sessions with you! It looks like training is going well...keep it up! Mar

Mike said...

Hey Michael, nice set of 1000s. Looks like it's really coming together.

Cliff said...

Hey Michael,

haven't speak to you in a while. Glad to see that you are training well for Boston :). 5 more weeks. I hope you are all fired up to rock the course.


Marc said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

Anonymous said...