Wednesday, March 25

Man Cold (still)

Yup, I’m sick. And without asking her, I can tell you with almost complete certainty that the missus wishes I was back at work. The last two days I’ve been able to appreciate the experience of looking after a sick child while you yourself are sick. This is a first for me. I have a lot of respect for those who have already done so. I have a lot of respect for my wife.

I touched base with Jon today, his words echoing the comments I received yesterday. After looking at my 5k splits, it appears they seem quite reasonable for the Comox course. And even though I was a few seconds off my target pace he didn’t think the race should be seen as a total disappointment. Having completed the hardest part of the marathon training, and with some higher quality running and reduced mileage he thinks I’ll come around more for Boston. That and it's likely I was carrying the bug 2 days ago too.

Truth be told, I think I’m struggling with wanting a result in Comox that was similar to my performance two years ago, something that just wasn’t in the cards on Sunday. I’ve got to learn not to be overly critical.

Grellan had asked, “what was your Boston goal before the race (Comox)”. The answer: I don’t know, I’ve yet to go over the details of Boston with Jon. I was looking to use my two recent half marathons as an indicator. Truthfully, I was hopping to run as close to 2h40 as possible. Based on my current conditioning and with a solid performance I’m looking at 2h45. If last Sunday wasn’t a true indication of my fitness, than perhaps 2h42.

Monday: day off/skiing (sick) (scheduled)
Tuesday: day off (sick) (unscheduled)
Wednesday: (sick) easy 38:11

Thursday: (sick) 40:01


Love2Run said...

Michael, Hope you're feeling better soon in your pre-taper! Email me but we're thinking Sat night at La Cantina in Framingham would work best for me, Andrew and Thomas. I can pick you up. If anyone else is interested drop me an email at:

Michael said...

That sounds fantastic, I'll email you soon.

Anonymous said...