Sunday, March 1

Boston Marathon (7-weeks out)

Given my right knee has been bothering me for almost a fortnight, I’m happy to have closed the door on the recent week. The soreness still persists but it’s not nearly as bad and I’m confident that with a few more physio sessions (along with continued stretching and icing) I can put this injury (finally) to bed.

A few days ago, I was reflecting on my preparation for the London Marathon in 2007. When I compare the equivalent week to the one just completed there are stark differences; in ’07 I ran nine times and logged over 94+ miles. This approach also saw me peak at Comox and unfortunately, in part I’m certain, contributed to a less than model performance in London. Still, I’m amused as I find myself sitting here fighting the urge to wonder “what if”, and “shouldn’t I”.

I push back the doubt and reservation and instead focus on what is in front of me now, and what I hope to achieve in Boston.

Saturday saw us return to Beacon Hill Park for another epic session of mixed tempo. After spending the last two years running intervals on the road or track, I’m really enjoying the subjective nature of the challenging XC course. The terrain there definitely makes the w/o tough but I was able to keep my legs moving, most of the time, on the quicker pieces. Still, finishing 6’ of hard running only to land yourself at the bottom of a sharp hill seemed to be the order of the day.

On Sunday, Hicham and I joined Ian for what seemed like a 40’ TT before saying goodbye to the bugger and easing into something more pedestrian in nature.

The week ahead looks good, nothing too complicated just some steady miles.

Until later ~ ciao!

Friday: easy 46:18
Saturday: 1:31:34 with 5x(3’ ME, 6’ 10kE)
Sunday: easy 2:00:36

Weekly mileage: 7h51’31”, +/- 110k or 69 miles