Thursday, March 19

Boston Bib #1809

After reading a friend’s account of his marathon preparation and noticing that the BAA have assigned numbers for this year’s race, I quickly followed the link to see where I would be seeded. 1809, and I can only assume that means I’m in the first corral?

I’m markedly more excited. There is something about the reality of a number (for this accountant) that makes an upcoming race more tangible, and frightening.

With the Comox Half Marathon this weekend, my training has been relatively light this week. Monday was a scheduled day off, and despite having only core exercises scheduled, the only lifting I accomplished was the couple glasses of Old Speckled Hen. Tuesday saw me running some comfortable intervals on the Lochside Trail before imbibing a few pints in support of St. Paddy’s Day. And yesterday was an opportunity to get some fresh air.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: 46:11 with 12x1’ (1’)
Wednesday: steady 46:07


Thomas said...

Wow, first corral, now that's impressive.

I'll be 2 corrals behind you.

Good luck for the half marathon!

Richard said...

I got the number 4040 for rotterdam which is nice and easy. My dublin number was something obscure like 10766. Getting the number gave me a dose of the pre-race dash to the bog!

Mark said...

Congrats, we'll be in corral one together. Once the human chain drops its us, the elites and the starting line. You should be able to cross in less than ten seconds. Typically, 2-4 seconds if near the front of the corrall.

Love2Run said...

I'd call that a very 'dangerous' number for a 1st timer. Falling off the cliff is a real possibility with the crazy drop on the 1st hill and the pressure of the 14000 runners behind you. Scary stuff!

Cliff said...

hey Mike,

Nothing like getting a few pints on St Patty's day..

look forward on reading yoru report from the half mary.


Grellan said...

Great to hear that you'll be leading out the Boston Marathon. Good luck in the half this weekend.

Anonymous said...