Wednesday, April 4

De Double

I just completed this week’s one, and thankfully, only double. I used to like doing doubles; it made me feel “more” like a runner. As if by dragging my beleaguered body through the darkness, I somehow gained access to an elite club, achieving a sense of belonging. Now, I just feel tired. I’m sure if I enjoyed the luxury of scheduling the first run later in the day, my attitude would be different… but alas I don’t, and hence, it’s not.

It could be my new JVC earbuds, they do a phenomenal job at drowning out any ambient noise to the point where it becomes dangerous. Tonight, while running through the backwater boulevards of Oak Bay the racket in my head echoed of a long forgotten Cult concert. I used to like the Cult but today, today they seemed to samey.

Whether it was the Cult or the start of my taper (I’m hesitant to blame it on that just yet) my running felt disengaged. With just over two weeks until race day, I think it’s time to focus and leave the tunes at home; it’s time to listen to the rhythm in my body from here on in. After a casual 15’ my heels relaxed and I felt smooth. I jogged around Windsor Park, and back to a lane to fulfill yesterday’s promise. You see, I used to
own this street, and tonight I was taking names, beginning with Mr. I’ve-run-100%-more-then-you!

A.M. a chilly 29:25, I miss my gloves
P.M. 45:41 with 6x 100m strides