Friday, April 6

A desperately needed catharsis

It was like gazing at one of those 3D pictures popular in the early 90s, the more concerted your efforts the less you were rewarded. After a frustrating day, on the heal of a handful of easier, short jaunts, I was delighted to have left the world behind, heading out along Brighton and the Centennial Trail for a longer run.

After slowly building, I was surprised at how smooth and effortless my stride was. I could hear the methodic clip of my feet, a steady metronome.

Click, click, click, click…

Passing the Oak Bay Marina I pushed the pace, the heart working with more force, the blood circulating with purpose. My shoulders were relaxed, the elbows low and just like that I saw the image within the picture. For the next 40’ I was acutely unaware of how great I felt, not wanting to ruin the moment, because once realized I was fearful it would fade. And so I continued, occasionally sneaking a peak out the corner of a blurred eye, enjoying every step and delighted to feel alive.

Training: a steady/strong and thoroughly invigorating 1:03:20