Monday, April 30

Times Colonist 10k

As co-captain, I signed up months ago to run the Times Colonist 10k without giving much thought to the exact date. Not the recommended post-marathon recovery plan, I promised myself that I’d take it easy then when I toed the line yesterday morning to partake in the event.

Although I enjoyed the luxury of starting just off the front, within seconds of the gun sounding I was encircled by what felt like thousands of participants all vying for the inside track (not again). I jogged along not entirely sure of the pace I should hold when I came up on the heels of a friend who I knew was trying for a PB, or at least a solid race… I’d found my tempo. I sidled up beside
Chris, and then with his encouragement took the lead hoping to help assist him along the way. It was great fun being able to enjoy the race through the eyes of someone else, occasionally turning around to see Chris smoothly clipping along looking solid and relaxed.

1-2k (3:42, 3:41) swarmed by the masses… the masses slowly fade to hordes

3-4k (3:33, 3:45) downhill as we descend toward Ross Bay Cemetery the turnaround

5-7k (3:59, 4:05, 4:03) a slugfest into the wind as we run the long uphill along Dallas and toward Beacon Hill Park

8-10k (3:38, 3:27, 3:27) I leave Chris and decide to run in at what feels comfortably fast… but not hard. The man with the stones award though goes out to
Lawrence who recorded another PB for the year, well done!

Training: 1:04:35 with the TC 10k at 37:20 (
full results)

Over the last week, I've been doing some post-race analysis and for giggles I've tried to attach some quantitative values to what I realize is anything but. I still don’t have a definitive idea of what happened, and probably never will, but think it’s save to say it was an accumulation of many things:

Heat (31%): the temperature was around 23C, the ambient temperature off the street closer to 28C, not ideal racing conditions for someone who doesn't like hot weather. I do think this played a factor, given that on race day the temperature was close to double what I’d been training in for the last five months.

Pace (8%): I know I went out too fast from miles 2-5, although 2 of those miles are down hill

Training (26%): I had really wanted to feel what it was like to train as an elite; I loved the experience but wonder if I went into the race fatigued? After having done many endurance events before, I know how precarious walking that fine “training” line can be.

Nutrition/hydration (5%): I think I drank too much early on and knowingly not enough in the latter stages

The Day (28%): I think a lot had to do with just having an off day, unfortunately when least needed

Stopping to talk with my uncle and cousin with 200m to go (3%): worth every minute

The future then; well that fire that was missing/smoldering on race day is once again lit and burning, the next week will speak volumes. Okay, Time will Tell, As Will Appropriate recovery.