Sunday, April 1

Never Surrender

With a little perseverance you can get things down, without the blind adherence that has conquered some

With Corey Hart’s Never Surrender playing in my ears, I leaned into the cold wind, chin down, and tried to relax. I hadn’t bargained on a headwind for the return journey. The perceived effort level was more then I would’ve liked, and I kept slipping in and out of my rhythm. This was training wasn’t it? Cory’s words only reaffirmed what I already knew, the workout was non-negotiable, as was the pace… I gave myself a little talking to, ignoring the 3:51 I’d just posted, refocused, and slipped back into my measured tempo.

I had driven out to the start of the
Lochside Trail, behind the Monkey Tree Pub, and after a casual warm-up began the workout, 60’ at MP (5:55-7 mi/pace, or 3:41/km). Unlike yesterday, where I began conservatively, I returned to my fleet footed ways and opened the first two kilometers in 3:36 (146, 153) & 3:33 (156, 157), not quite what I had intended. I eased up a bit, relaxed my shoulders and found my pace letting the next four clicks pass by effortlessly, 3:41 (155, 157), 3:42 (153, 155), 3:43 (154, 156), 3:43 (158, 163). I blame the next kilometer on the Apex Runners, as although I didn’t intend on picking things up, my subconscious apparently was more concerned with looking good for the girls, and so with a quick “hello”, and a wave of the hand and continued on down the trail 3:36 (153, 156).

Nearing Sidney, I was off the trail and onto the road, losing the kilometer markings but not fussing as I soon reached my turnaround point 8:34 (153, 155). The next seven kilometers weren’t without trouble-free as I had the unwelcome pleasure of a glacial wind on the return trip:

3:42 (151, 152)
3:43 (151, 157)
3:51 (152, 159)
3:40 (151, 155)
3:41 (151, 153)
3:44 (151, 153)
3:41 (152, 154)

Although happy to be finished, I was surprised at my indifference regarding the effort, happier instead to have this weekend’s runs behind me. Come race day, I’m going to have to pay particular attention NOT to go out to hard as it’ll be my undoing. The rest of the day has been a bit of a whirlwind, leaving me hot, dehydrated, and grouchy (my epsom salt bath is waiting). As Ally and I were on the drive out to meet with the minister for our upcoming wedding, we were rear ended while at a stoplight… if this was a test of patience, I afraid I failed miserably. That said, the minister was fantastic and we left there really chuffed.

Training: 1:58:43, AHR 141, MAX 166, with 60’ at MP (average 3:41/km)