Friday, April 6


I could feel the unseen umbilical cord beginning to stretch; the two guys in front were starting to pull away and I was torn between running with them and running within myself… I’m still not sure what I decided. The legs felt smooth but I’m sure my shoulders were up around my ears (they had to be).

Relax, chin down.

Just know that I’m spent. I was supposed to do 20x400, alternating 1:20/1:40, but rather then run alone, I was coerced into joining the big boys … I’m weeks away from London and as fit as I’ve ever been, I can handle it right? Bruce you’re a bastard… I loved every minute of it!

The big boys run fast, very fast! We found an abandoned stretch on the Lochside Trail and then the fireworks began, as did me getting spat out the back.

3:10, 3:10, 3:15
3:08, 3:14, 3:20
3:13, 3:15, 3:25 (last one was uphill)

After the workout, I drove straight down to the ocean, made like a popsicle, and stood in the icy Pacific. I knew I had to look strange, but didn’t care, my legs were starting to go numb which meant that the fatigue and pain was too.

Leaving I had someone ask me if it was cold? I replied, “Glacial”, but could sense he wanted more. “I’ve just finished a hard run and it’s supposed to aid with recovery”. He gave me a quizzical look and I smiled. One home I was in the tub for another epsom salt bath, and now, now I’m off to join some friends for a dinner, Bangers & Mash. Life is good!

Training: 1:38:57 w/ 3x (3x1k with 60” rest)


Lawrence said...

Wow, quite a workout. How much rest between sets of the 3X1K?

Bangers and mash.....yum.....

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Heh, saw you were in Victoria, on my buddy Mike's (love2Run Canada) blog. I moved away from there about 4 1/2 years ago. I do miss the great weather and beautiful places to run but then again I love the running attitude in Calgary.

Michael said...

Yeah, Victoria is special. Yesterday, I think the temperature set a record for this time of year, 20C, although today it has returned to normal &… yes, it’s raining.

Lawrence: 5' active recovery (jogging)

Mike said...

"Bangers and mash"? Is that a euphamism for what the workout did to your legs or is it dinner?

Good luck with the last long run, the hay is pretty much officially in the barn now.

Anonymous said...