Thursday, September 13


With a thick fog rolling in off the ocean, I headed out the door to squeeze in a quick workout before work. I hadn’t run hills in months (Jan/Feb) and welcomed the change of pace. I realize I’m racing this weekend rather than following the prescribed w/o but didn’t want to forgo today’s w/o in favour of an spontaneous and ill-prepared for event.

After dropping some mail off, I made my way to Lotbiniere to find that the city has recently closed off the bottom end of the street to traffic, which has turned a previously great hill into something epic.

I eased into the first set and was surprised at how comfortable I felt. My breathing was never laboured during the set, my legs being the only noticeable limitation. I have no illusions of grandeur that this will translate into something more than it is, but I did take comfort.

Training: 41:51 with 4x hills [2x 30” (30”) + 60” (60”)]