Monday, September 10

Fast action absorption needed!

No this isn't a call for some Kleenex, but rather a direct message to the body informing it that we are in desperate need of training, ASAP. Of course, everyone knows that with the race this weekend there isn't the time for my body to benefit from any key workouts, and, I know I'd probably be better off doing less rather than more, but... it never helps to try.

And so I found myself today, on a very hot September afternoon (perhaps the hottest since late June, and certainly the hottest prior to race morning), standing at "Mile 0" and launching myself repetitively into a series of mile tempo runs (fingers crossed).

I’d checked the schedule before leaving the house, heading out the door with my sights on 5:59s. That said, I wasn’t all that surprised when I split the first mile in 5:46 (I’ll never learn), 5:59 for the second, 5:47 for the third and I closed it out with a well rehearsed 5:56. Had I tried to alternate marathon and half marathon pace I couldn’t have done better.

As far as the house is concerned, well, we’ve been busy; to the lawyers regarding the title (all okay), insurance (check, new oil tank within the year though), house inspection (check, built like a tank so we were told)… financing tomorrow and we’re all done.

I tell you though, Maui couldn’t come soon enough!

Saturday: 1:26:07 easy
Sunday: 59:56 easy with Carter, couldn’t have been better
Monday: 46:41 with 4x mile (1’)


Chris said...

Ha ha! Slightly erratic. Not that I should know or anything, but are you running a bit a semi-quality without adherence to the base phase?

Why don't you come out and run 2:30 + with me Sunday at an average of about 7:10 per mile 7:00 a.m. - Come on, I know you waaaana.

Thomas said...

Alternating marathon and half marathon pace. Excellent excuse.

Don't fall into the trap of running fast workout to build up quickly. There's no substitute for proper base building.

Anonymous said...