Thursday, September 6

Back to school

While sitting here at the computer, I’m watching an icy fog roll off the waters and gradually creep across the neighborhood, the deep solitary sound of a foghorn in the distance. There is no doubt in my mind that the dog days of summer have left and it’s time to head back to school, or at least, back to the basics.

Since having registered for the Maui Half Marathon, this last week couldn’t have been filled with more distractions. We spent the weekend on Galiano helping Ally’s mother clean up her property. This week, in-between a hectic work schedule, we’ve put an offer on a house while also juggling doctor appointments, having additionally opened up our house to some good friends before they bugger off and move back to the UK next Tuesday.

Alas, my running, and desire to head out, has taken a back seat at a time that could not have been worse (well perhaps slightly).

More later, I just got off the phone with the realtor… they accepted our offer, got to go! This is bloody lovely!

Tomorrow then, I’ll run, I promise.

Friday: 1:09:06 with 5x strides (1’)
Saturday: 1:59:35 leisurely
Sunday: day off
Monday: 30:06 easy (late night)
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: 57:21 with 2x 90” (90”), 4x 60” (60”), 4x 30 (30”) & 4x 15” (15”)