Wednesday, September 12


I’m sitting here (with Ally fast asleep) savoring a wee dram of Jura having just packed, hoping I’ve just packed everything I need for Maui. Given the recent world wind of days and weeks, I’m not entirely convinced I have everything but with scarce will to try and rectify the situation. That said, I can rest assured that I have at least a) one Jack Johnson CD, b) my racing flats, and c) the peddles off my road bike (no I hadn’t put them back on from last years ride). I can almost feel the sun on my back as I laze on the sand watching the waves roll ashore.

[insert slow reflective sip]

The clinic, particularly my half marathon group, really excelled during today’s w/o. With only four weeks until race day, they’re really coming into their own. The w/o was the same as three weeks ago, 7x 760m (2’) rest, only this time they dropped the average by 4’-5’… impressive.

Prior to joining the group I had to drop by the Realtors office and sign the final paper work lifting the conditions on our purchase and handing over the deposit. As of this evening, we are the proud owners of our first house!

[insert gulp]

Until later, and I can’t promise I’ll write much while I’m away, cheers, and all the best on the roads and trails… gone surfing.

Training: 1:00:04 easy