Tuesday, September 11

Postcard from Purgatory

Not that yesterday was much of a workout, but nonetheless I was still surprised how good my legs felt this afternoon. As I ambled through Oak Bay and along the waterfront, I was silently amazed with the evenness of my “steady” pace. I felt upright and my hamstrings seemed overly engaged (or I was acutely aware) during every stride… I was a horse trotting.

Unfortunately, any remote resemblance to the aforementioned four-legged animal ended as the timer on the watch face indicated 41:XX. Ah well, I enjoyed the saunter home all the same, unfortunately my planned 75’ ended a tad premature. I seem to remember having a similar difficulty the last time I was ramping up the mileage… desperately trying to crack the 70’ barrier but always washing up short.

So where does this leave me? Well, as a few people (thanks Thomas and Chris) pointed out, I should stick with the base miles and not get distracted with this weekends race. That said, given I was going to do a workout [4x1k (1’) + 1h easy + 3x1k (1’)], and that I’d like to race, what do I do come the day? I’ve been trying to convince myself to do the w/o mid- race but I would invariably become “that guy” the one who annoys everyone in the vicinity so have pretty much nixed that idea. So, how about race pace, given a general lack of fitness (relatively speaking) how about 10 miles at marathon pace? Oh to be fit again.

On the home front, it looks like it’s a done deal, financing, title, inspection, insurance, they’re all in the bag. All that is left to do is lift the conditions and sign away the deposit… which we’re saving for tomorrow.

Training: 1:05:05 steady