Friday, September 7

Desperate Times

Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time… as a result of my lack of fitness, and running deficit, this morning I decided to step up to the plate (with complete disregard to the program mind you) and throw in a workout for old times sake.

So, while most of the city was either crawling to work or school, I was out running circles around Beacon Hill Park desperately trying to increase my VO2 Max. I’m certain the workout wasn’t the best use of my time but at least it gave me the satisfaction that I was putting in a few miles, sweating, and with a few tempo pieces this weekend perhaps next weeks half marathon won’t be the complete calamity I fear.

There is no question in my mind that it/I will hurt, and I’m utterly confident I won’t run anywhere near the time I did in March (let alone last year), but at I’m hoping to hold my head high and perhaps finish with a grin on my face.

As expected I did fade during the session but I could see, if only briefly, glimpses of brilliance. With the sun on my face, and the salty fresh Pacific breeze on my face, I was brought back to a place to so long ago…

On the house front, we have a home inspection in 40’… have to run.

Training: 53:05 with 12x 1’ hard (1’)