Friday, February 8

Allow yourself a good run

I was at a Privacy & Security conference yesterday and heard some great speakers. That said, Hugo Teufel III (Chief Privacy Officer, US Department of Homeland Security) spoke for about 30' and said absolutely nothing... that is a real gift.

I had difficulty getting my head into the w/o yesterday and ended up overcooking the first interval; the second only marginally better. The last interval I focused on feeling light, comfortable and something Lawrence mentioned a few days ago, I allowed myself a good run.

Training: 1:05:57 with 3x10' tempo (2')


Marc said...

Hold on there just a minute! Are you trying to tell me a policy wonk from washington spoke for 30 minutes and didn't say anything at all? You really got cheated there - we usually get a full hour!

Good to see you allowed for a good run - a gift no one other than yourself can give. Its ok to be selfish now and again.

Thomas said...

The Chief Privacy Officer from the US Department of Homeland Security is called "Devil". No surprises here.

Lawrence said...

My inadequate haiku:

Hugo Teufel


30 minutes

to fill.

Anonymous said...