Sunday, February 17


“Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life.” ~ Albert Einstein

On Friday, I enjoyed the luxury of not having to work and seized the opportunity with eager hands. I managed to squeeze in a few additional glorious minutes of sleep, benefited, and that is a relative term, from a light stretch and then drove down to Oak Bay track well before the heavens opened. It was a perfect morning.

The workout was simple, 4xmile at 5k pace, but given my inability to conquer its close relative two weeks back, 3xmile (5:18, 5:27, and 5:24) I was anxious. With my two recent race performances as a guide, I set myself a range of 5:21 to 5:24 to work with. And so after a completely unnecessary second trip to relieve myself, I could delay the inevitable no longer and launched into the workout with nothing but apprehension on my shoulders and the sound of my feet lifting off a damp track to keep me company.

I felt comfortable for the first lap, it passing in what was a brief moment and me gaining a 4” cushion. The middle 800 was uncomfortably comfortable but my strength and speed waned on the last lap leaving me sans cushion and overdrawn with the tailor.

With the first mile behind me, the second and third were better but not as comfortable as I would’ve liked, my form struggling and my effort-level elevated. When during the last mile I split the 800 in 2:43, having mentally gapped on the second lap, I thought I was finished. But then something entirely unexpected happened. Mentally I imagined caving, looking for the easy out, but physically, from a depth not taxed in almost a year my body responded and although I was running faster I felt easier, I had purpose. It’s a tad cliché, but the fire within was lit.

5:23, 5:20, 5:20, 5:20

On a sad note, on Friday evening Ally’s parents dropped by with some heartbreaking news. Her mom, who hasn’t been feeling well of late, unfortunately has drawn the short end of the stick, the days being counted on two hands.

Thursday: easy undulating 54:43
Friday: 1:13:16 with 4xmile at 5k pace (2’)
Saturday: easy 1:31:43


Grellan said...

Great mile repeats. It's funny how it's the mind that tends to chicken out when it's the body, which has to do all the work, delivers.

Sorry to hear about your bad news. Keep strong.

Mike said...

Really sorry to hear about Ally's mom. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Cliff said...


Sorry to hear about Ally's mom.

Thomas said...

That's terrible news about Ally's mum. She probably won't even see her grandchild? That's heart braking. I'm so sorry.

Love2Run said...

Nice steady numbers despite the unsteady cpu.

The sudden bad news is sad to hear. Take care of the family.

Michael said...

Thanks for all the kind words ~ cheers