Sunday, February 3

Like a child on Christmas morning

I turned off both alarm options (6:00 and 7:00) as I went to bed last night, determined to catch up on some much needed sleep. And I succeeded, waking a glorious 10 ½ hours later.

Two gorgeous pieces of blackcurrant toast and 32 ounces of French Roast later I was ready to entertain the idea of a jaunt. A good… great friend of mine had mentioned he might be able to join me for the run, which given his current timetable I found amusing. Still, I gave him a quick shout and was happily surprised that a) the phone was answered and b) he was eager to go, this last point I found curious but an hour later understood full well.

Two kilometers north on the Lochside Trail, the sun making a welcomed appearance, we hooked up. From there is was more trails up onto Donwood and then we proceeded to weave our way through Broadmead and Rithet’s Bog before heading further north still and climbing up onto the ridge of Grant Park. It was amidst today’s gauntlet that like a child opening a present on Christmas day my friend casually slipped into conversation that he’d registered for TransRockies… and finally the pieces come together.
Now that is a race.

Oh, and the front yard has a delicate scattering of snowdrops. I love Victoria during the spring.

Training: easy yet hilly 1:48:01