Thursday, February 28

The Great Escape

I’m tired. The passed week has preserved a theme reminiscent of the previous two months, and which continues to leave me mentally exhausted. Moreover, my mental handicap has manifested itself in a weary, aching body. I’m tired.

I contemplate sharing the unexpected tribulation but I doubt you would believe the events. Poor Ally. I think we’re now sufficiently satiated with apprehension and worry that unknowingly we now focus on life’s simpler affairs: water, shelter, food and a plan for escape.

Me, I run.

On Tuesday, I slipped out of a calm and quiet house and jogged down to the trail with little desire to carry out the day’s session, 6xmile tempo. My body was raw, and my mind expecting little… the key to happiness, low expectations. I told myself to focus on finding a relaxed rhythm, my head balanced naturally in position, shoulders low and loose, running tall with a quick turnover.

I thoroughly surprised myself (5:45, 5:42, 5:46, 5:50, 5:46 & 5:43) and felt in complete control as I moved through the workout.

Another question, and this one might be better answered by those with children. I’ve noticed people (Mike, Thomas, Marc) with kids tend to run in the morning, I’m curious why? I have the luxury of finishing work at a reasonable time (4:00) which has allowed me to run in the early evening without too much disruption to family routine. But, projecting a few weeks down the road I can’t help but speculate whether this practice might change?

Saturday: easy 1:37:04 with clinic
Sunday: easy 1:52:09
Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: 1:11:38 with 6xmile (1’)
Wednesday: easy 42:40


Grellan said...


I generally run in the morning as I have control of my start time. I finish work anytime from 6 to 7 in th evenings and it's the busiest time of the day at home (4 kids - 4 to 15 years old) - collecting kids from (maths grinds, trombone, guitar, singing lessons etc.) dinner, homework, getting kids ready for bed, making lunches etc.etc. With that I do get to slip away, generally on a tuesday evening, to go to the track (I wouldn't push it any other day)

Good run - while the mind is elsewhere the body does the business. Take care.

Chris said...

Things change as the kids age.

While yours is young you can trade off on duties a lot.

Once the baby gets older he/she will need more of your attention but on the other hand is more independent...

Kids activities (when they are in school) are in the afternoon and evening...not in the morning.

Now that mine are mid-teens, I have more time than ever.

Also, 1 child is one child, 2 ....3 the work is grows!

Love2Run said...

I'd be curious to see what you think in a month or so. Your perspective will be quite different I'm sure! You'll be 'sneaking' out early when the house is quiet and all are still asleep. Good luck and happy thoughts to you and Ally.

Thomas said...

If I run in the morning when everyone is asleep, that's no problem. If I run in the evening when Niamh is more than busy with the children, this would not be looked on favourably, to say the least. I really do not have a choice; I run in the morning, or not at all.

You're in for a whole new experience, mate.

Eric said...

Poor kid...he doesn't even realise what's coming!

You'll become a morning runner soon enough. Chris is right--when the kid(s) are awake, you will want to be around (and when you don't want to be around, you'll be *expected* to be around! haha). That pretty much leaves early mornings as the only opportunity, especially for any run longer than 20-30 minutes.

Get out your coffee cup. =)

Anonymous said...