Wednesday, February 6


- noun
(1) a brimless and close-fitting hat, in any of several shapes.
(2) a velvet hat with a narrow, sometimes turned-up brim, a full crown, and usually a plume, worn by men and women esp. in 16th-century France.

If not a toque… what do you call it, a winter hat?

Tonight’s run was an easy jaunt with the clinic. I took it upon myself to give as much feedback as possible, without being annoying, as they tackled the workout (15’ wup/wdn with 10’ tempo + 8x1’ hills)… I think they loved it.

Training: easy 1:00:45


Lawrence said...

An American friend of mine had never heard of the word "toque", and said they were know as wool caps in the good old USA.

I don't know how true this is.

Jarhead said...

They also quite often call our "toque" a "beanie" down South.


bean·ie (bē'nē)
n. A small brimless cap.

Jarhead said...

They also quite often call our "toque" a "beanie" down South.


bean·ie (bē'nē)
n. A small brimless cap.

Marc said...

As a Yank, I must admit that I didn't know what a toque was, although I have been wearing one for years (well, I do take it off now and again). Come to think of it, I struggled to think what I call it...I think I just call it my winter running hat.

Just shows you how much we Americans pay attention to our northern neighbors, er, neighbours. Reminds me of Rick Mercer's show Talking to Americans.

Gald you had an easy day and that the folks in the clinic enjoyed the workout. You must not have annoyed them too much. :)

Thomas said...

Toque may refer to:

* In clothing, toque may refer to:
o Toque (French): A variety of hats
o Tuque: Another type of hat worn in Canada
* In music, Toque may refer to playing of the Flamenco guitar
* La Tuque, Quebec - a city in Northwest Quebec, Canada

Here in Kerry we call them hats.

Chris said...

Togue, eh!

That is all they are to me and ever will be.

I thought 'beanie' was some sort of ladies knitted something, something.

Toque, good for keeping the melon warm, puking in, hand warmer, hiding beer amongst many other functional uses.

Grellan said...

I'm glad that's cleared up then.

Chris Mynard said...

It's a "Beannie" here in the UK too - until I was in Canada a few weeks ago I had never heard of a "toque". Isn't it strange how we speak the same language but with so many differences, as I discovered during my recent stay with Mike & Ally.

Cliff said...

This season I already lost 3 toque.

The toque gnome must be living in my house!

8 + 1' hills? Sweet stuff :)

Michael said...

Thanks Cliff, yeah the clinic were up for a 10' tempo + the hills, I just ran along easy and gave pointers and encouragement.

Chris said...

I dare say that western Canadian Anglais for outstrips our southern neighbour's.

Of course it might be due to the fact that there may be more expats of GB here, than US or PRofC

Anonymous said...