Friday, May 2

Boulderwood Park

I think the Rolling Stones said it best, “Look at me, I'm in tatters, I'm a shattered”.

On a rare warm and sunny Tuesday evening I headed out after work, map in hand, hopeful to discover two new trails. The first was relatively uneventful, not the sort of thing you’d want to blink while crossing but a welcomed change of scenery. The second left me winded and speechless. I’d run by the trailhead on several occasion but as it’s fairly unassuming it hadn’t piqued my interest (my loss). After a dozen stairs the path narrows into a bark mulch funnel that climbs over 400 ft. in a few short lung searing minutes. The trail emerges at Boulderwood Park, complete with natural wishing well and spectacular views of the Sooke Hills to the west and the Gulf Islands to the east. This loop is definitely the discovery of the year for me and ranks as one of my favourite trails in the city!

Unfortunately, my exploration left me running 20’ late and I had to hotfoot it home not wanting to leave he missus waiting. It was during this homeward stretch that my calves made it known that they were still recovering from the race on the weekend.

With my legs still grumbling about insufficient recovery, I geared things down on Wednesday opting for a pedestrian loop around the Blenkinsopp Valley.

Yesterday was brutal on all accounts. I couldn’t shake the feeling of having dead legs which was only compounded having to run 2x20’ intervals. This was made worse as I finished the first session with the same climb up Cordova Ridge that I’d discovered only two days earlier. The second half was a pure piece of desperation that has left me wondering where my speed and strength has gone. Still, with the marathon less than four weeks away I’m trying to make my works as specific as possible, hoping to make race day more manageable.

Wednesday: rolling 54:03
Thursday: 1:35:09 with 2x20' tempo
Friday: easy 31:21 with 4xsrides