Friday, May 23

In Ottawa (random thoughts)

Yesterday was a long day, we left at 9:00 a.m. but didn't arrive in Toronto until 9:30 p.m. Thank God Isla loves to fly. Brad Pitt had nothing on me as I walked through Toronto Pearson International Airport, everyone woman in there was smiling at me (or so I thought Until I realized it was the baby). Ally humoured me and secretly loved the attention the kid was getting.

The taxi driver traveled far quicker than I'm comfortable with, that said he gave us a deal. I'm getting old.

After a short visit with my sister last night, I was up early this morning (said a quick goodbye to the girls) and arrived in Ottawa without any trouble. The weather is warm but no hot.

My friend Rebeca picked me up at the airport and then we toured around town only after picking up my race packet. I purchased a new running singlet (green) and despite knowing better, plan to wear it on Sunday... it'll go well with my eyes.

I'm really looking forward to the race! I hate Polar, particularly my RS200 (?), after checking into the hotel I discovered that the display is all black. POLAR sucks, that's it, I'm switching! Oh yeah, the elevators in the hotel aren't working, lucky I'm on the third floor.

Just had a great dinner at a small little Italian restaurant, liked it so much I made reservations for tomorrow. A creature of habit, me?

Ally - give Isla a kiss goodnight for me!

Thursday: easy 27' with 4xstrides
Friday: day off (scheduled)


Eric said...

Ready to roll? Green is lucky, good choice. Have a great race!

Cliff said...

Hey Michael,

Have a great race in the capital :)

Thomas said...

If you think that was the star treatment then you should try walking through an airport with baby twins. Now that really gets their attention!

Good Luck! I hope you can still remember how to race a marathon.

Anonymous said...

green for go. good luck! :)

Anonymous said...