Monday, May 5

I Decided To Go For A Little Run

I have a handful of moderately long runs under my belt (2h-2h10). Regrettably, given the abridged schedule and as I’ve missed both of my “long” runs, I’ve been experiencing the feeling of standing on the precipice of a mammoth chasm, one that I don’t want to familiarize myself with on race day. I wouldn’t normally suggest running this long three weeks out, but if nothing else I needed a confidence boost and promised myself to keep things in check.

With Cricket and her mother fast asleep, I snuck out of the house early Sunday morning and went for what would unfold to be a brilliant jaunt. Not even a dozen steps into the run and I swear I was on the set of a Disney film, what with blue birds singing and plenty of sunshine life couldn’t get better. I weaved my way through Broadmead making sure to hit every trail that presented itself, around Rithet’s Bog and then looping about Elk Lake before heading home.

It was the first time in months that I’d brought any supplements during a long run and whether the Gu or just the day I felt steady and relaxed. So much so, that even though I had set out to log just an easy run on the day, I decided to change the play on the fly and added some decreasing tempo during the last 30’. I was surprised at how I felt during the last 5’, I definitely had that “I’ve just run 2h25” feeling but if I could feel that strong toward the end of Ottawa, 2h50 will become a reality.

Oh I almost forgot, congratulations to Seamus who despite having to keep steady pace (and not race) managed to win the Vancouver Half Marathon... ya bastard! And congratulations also to Thomas and Grellan who ran a different half, on the other side of the Atlantic.

Saturday: easy 1:07:57
Sunday: 2:35:27 with 2h easy + 15’ MP (1’) + 10’ tempo (1’) + 5’ hard