Monday, May 12


Early Saturday morning, I met my Half Marathon Clinic at the Oak Bay Marina and led them along the last half of their race route in preparation for the big day (the same day as Ottawa). I haven’t been able to make it out for a few weeks and it was thoroughly enjoyable seeing so many welcoming faces.

[Okay, in-between preparing for a presentation and looking after a newborn, I’ve been trying to compose this narrative for almost one and a half days; this is not working well. In an effort to post something, anything, I’ll be brief]

The run on Saturday was a welcomed easy jaunt and I lived vicariously through the group as they traced the end of the race route, their enthusiasm extremely contagious as we talked strategy.

On Sunday, Hicham kicked my ass. The idea was to bookend and easy run with MP sessions, unfortunately his MP is faster than mine and so I enjoyed, then suffered through two up-tempo pieces.

With the race less than two weeks away there is little time left the positively influence the result and more than enough to wreck it. I’ve scheduled one remaining workout this week and then it’s taper time (I’m not including next weeks tune-up as a workout). From here on in it’s all about, rest and recovery, and should I choose perhaps the odd stretch… but then why would I want to break a streak that has extended for two months now?

Saturday: easy 57:48
Sunday: 1:52:50 with 20’ tempo + 1h easy + 20’ tempo
Monday: day off (scheduled)


Eric said...

Good plan re: the next two weeks. You really can't gain much without a lot of risk.

So, have you been pondering early morning running yet? Sounds like the schedule is starting to tighten up. =)

Michael said...

With the marathon approaching my wife has been more than understanding but my days are numbered. I wouldn�t be at all surprised if after Ottawa I�m running a majority of my runs in the morning.

Anonymous said...