Wednesday, May 7

Mount Doug

On the heels of Sunday’s solid run I was looking forward to heading out yesterday. I had even emailed a friend earlier in the day telling him that I was eager to squeeze as much as possible out of the remaining 19 days. So it was with confusion and then resignation that I plodded my way to Mount Doug, lingering fatigue weighing heavy on my feet.

With the legs sore I decided to keep the day’s entire run on the trails. With that in mind, and knowing that my old running group (Prairie Inn Harriers) trains in Mount Doug during the spring, I set myself a goal of finding them and began looping my way along the miles of paths within the 450 acre park.

Familiar with there favourite locations it didn’t long before I recognized some of the frontrunners barrelling down Whittaker. My goal completed I continued along my favourite trails and then during a momentary lapse of reason I decided to jog up the 850 ft climb (the view is always spectacular).

With the time left, my focus will be to hit the remaining three workouts and to ensure that I’m fully recovered. Rather than complete shorter intervals as I have in the past (8x1k – Ottawa, 10x800m – Sacramento & 20x400m – London), I will be making my current preparation as specific as possible opting for 2-mile tempos and longer.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: hilly 1:17:22
Wednesday: 31:26 with 6xstrides, felt aggressive


Cliff said...


Hmm interesting, I never seen any training schedule going for 2 mile intervals.

I got a question about hill repeats. How hard do you go? I have been pushing my hill repeats pretty hard. Intensity, it feels like 8-9/10. HR I was hitting 190-195.

Do you have a limit on how long you do hill repeats? Like build to xx time and then don't do any more?

Michael said...

My old coach (Bruce Deacon) would have me do 2-mile tempos from time to time, but they were fast. Daniels' also uses them in his new book for marathon training.

Hills eh, I suppose it depends on what you're training for. When I was training for the 5k back in March I would run my hills for either 1' (short) or 3' (long), both at around 5k pace/effort (the hills were pretty steep). When I was training with Wynn Gmitroski (a Canadian middle distance coach) in the mid-90’s, he would have us do hill repeats anywhere from 10”-90”.

But, and this isn’t intended to through you for a loop, when I was training for Ironman under John Ackland (from NZ), he would have me doing longer hills (1-k) on a shallow grade so that I could keep my form (some more similar to what you would use in a race).

I don’t’ know that any of this helps, but to answer your last question “I” probably wouldn’t go over 3’, but the really key is not to lose form (once that goes, stop).

I have to run, Ally and I are going on a date (w/o the baby).

Anonymous said...