Friday, September 5


I haven't got near as much running in as I would've liked but then I didn't come here to run. That said, the times I have got out have been absolutely spectacular (photos when I get home, sorry).

Monday was my first test here as we borrowed a friends car and proceeded to drive to Cornwall. You might think that the fact that the car was overheating would be the tale of the day but it wasn't. Rather it was me driving from Wales over the new Severn (sp) Bridge, this this is massive and very high up. I was frightened shitless and I'm not even scared of heights. Imagine, driving a standard, on the left, hundreds of feet above the sea on a six lane bridge with a blond women talking on her mobile only feet behind you in her little sports car... I was white knuckled the entire way! Feck me!

After finally reaching Cornwall it wasn't long that Ally and I agreed that the roads there were worse than Ireland. Thomas consider yourself lucky, really. Hedges hundreds of years old made of rock and vegetation, 12 ft. tall, and only wide enough for one small car let alone two vehicles screaming along at 60 miles/hours! Crikey.

Still, we met up with an old mate of mine that I went to school with here and followed him down to Gorran Haven where he owns some gorgeous cottages. It was from there that I was lucky enough to enjoy two runs along the famous Cornish Coastal Path (again, photos later). For those back home, imagine Mt. Tolmie, Doug and Finlayson one after another in quick secession for hundreds of miles. Now remove all the trees and imagine a sharp sea cliff to your left. Lastly, place a twisting runnable path that traces the coastline. Breathtaking. Thanks for everything Chris!

On Thursday, after enjoying far too many pasties and clotted cream (not together) it was time to attempt the drive to London. The car had another episode in Dartmoor but after allowing it to cool down and using some Bar Seal (sp) we were on our way. It was from there onto the M5, to the M4 and finally the dreaded M25. Again, feck me! We were only on it for two exits but it was then, after being an angel the entire trip, that Isla decided she'd had enough and wanted out. All Ally and I could do was laugh as 1,000's of HGVs zoomed passed us as we desperately searched out the M40 and finally Ickenham. I should get an award for that drive.

Yesterday was into London and showing the girls around. Carter, we retraced our footsteps... the Coal Hole and the Lamb & Flag. Jim, we passed Campers and thought of you. And from there it was off to see the Rosetta (sp) Stone.

Monday: day off (scheduled, driving)
Tuesday: hilly 1:02:27
Wednesday: 1:10:55
Thursday: day off (driving to London)
Friday: day off (London, I love this place)


Grellan said...

Nothing wrong with the roads, just the drivers. Cornwall is a beautiful place alright. The M25 is fun, although last time I travelled on it my pace was way less than 10:00 per mile. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

Michael said...

I couldn't agree with you more, it's the drivers isn't it. Now all I have to do is find some wet weather running gear:)

Anonymous said...