Saturday, September 27

And yet a few more

Learning from Tuesday’s mistake, i.e., not being prepared for a longer warm-up, I left work on Thursday and proceeded to take a much more direct route to Cedar Hill than I had a couple days prior.

I decided to change the workout slightly, opting for more variety than what was scheduled. The plan was 3x 60”, 45” 30” and 15” with the walk/jog back down as recovery and an additional 1’ between sets. Working these shorter hill sessions is such a stark contrast to previous marathon preparation and although lung searingly painful, surprisingly enjoyable. With no varsity teams out that day, it was just the hill and me and unlike last week, I was able to jog home on legs that didn’t feel completely wrecked.

Yesterday, I was up early and after a glass of water and a couple pieces of toast I was out the door and jogging to work, and following the previous days lead, opting for a more direct route.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and all the best to those racing in Toronto.

Thursday: 1:14:25 with 3x(60”, 45”, 30”, 15”) hills (1’)
Friday: easy 35:04


Grellan said...

I love it - putting "lung searingly painful" and "surprisingly enjoyable" in the same sentence. Like the guy who had the heart attack during intercourse - although he may heve juggled the words a bit - "lung searingly enjoyable and surprisingly painful". Have a goof one.

Marc said...

Grellan took the words right out of "...lung searingly painful, surprisingly enjoyable." Brilliant!

Nice that your legs were left intact for the ride home.

Ah, running in the pre-dawn darkness is wonderful. I especially like watching the sun slowly rise during these morning runs.

Anonymous said...