Wednesday, September 17


I could blame it on a multitude of things, two of which would include recovering from jetlag and too much of a good thing in the UK. Regardless, getting out of the house today required the energy of Hercules and the concentration of a gymnast while performing on the beam. I managed, barely. I struggled through the first ten minutes but slowly came around, felling almost normal on the home stretch. That was prior to the strides (still shaking out the fish & chips).

Yesterday was much better mind you. I should backtrack though (and Seamus, you’ll get a laugh out of this). On the heels of some reduced training, I decided to alter my fall training schedule and reintroduce some hills to the program (hills that I missed while in England). As such, yesterday I jogged into Mt. Doug, ran a series of long and short hills, and felt better than expected. Brilliant.

Still waiting to hear on Boston. Speaking of which, anyone else out there thinking of racing this year?

[the photo was taken while on holiday; it’s of a small fishing village in Cornwall called Mevagissey… I lived there over twenty years ago, ouch]

Monday: easy 34:13
Tuesday: 1:04:12 with 4x1’ hills (3’) + 6x30” hills (90”)
Wednesday: 44:15 with 8xstrides


Marc said...

"the energy of Hercules and the concentration of a gymnast"

Loved this line!

Shouldn't take too long before the fish & chips are by the wayside and you'll be bounding out of the house like Bambi on a spring morning.

Fish & chips. I remember as a school boy stopping by the fish & chip shop on the way home from school and getting a bag of 'scraps'.

Cliff said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your comment. I got two long runs (this week and next week) to test my body before taper starts. We shall see.

This week I am a recovery week. Not the best way to plan it (next week build then taper) but after three weeks build, my body and mind is pretty shelled.

I did have an enjoyable easy run yesterday. Nice and slow and didn't think too much :)

Michael said...

I don't remember getting any scraps (unless it was what we were fed at home), but I do recall having fish & chips at school for lunch.

Marc said...

The shop owner would give us school boys the left-over bits of fried batter (scraps)from the fish and chips for free. We thought it was a great deal.

Anonymous said...