Sunday, September 21

Coffee, Peat and Running

After returning from three weeks in the UK, it has taken almost an entire week for me to adjust to what was once my regular routine. This was of course complicated with me started a new job on Monday.

This weekend helped rest the clock.

Friday I stayed out good and late which put the end to me waking at 5:00 a.m. feeling alert and rested (mind you I’m in desperate need of some sleep now).

On Saturday, we met up with some good friends at what might be my new favourite coffee house. Jim was distracted and unsettled which was probably a result of his ridiculous idea to abstain from mochas prior to his race in Toronto next weekend. The self-denial ended the moment the cup touched his bottom lip. A few hours later Carter and I were out tracing the local trails in what established itself as my long run for the week. A frequent training partner and good friend, it was great to be able to set the tone for the season ahead. With the arrival of fall and the X-C season, I’m looking forward to rebuilding my fitness in preparation for my marathon build later this winter.

And today, Sunday, it was out onto my favourite trails around Thetis Lake unfortunately feeling not nearly as comfortable as I’d like. And so the weekend all too quickly wraps up with me sitting here nursing a wee dram of scotch and dreaming of the days and weeks to follow.

I hope you all had a good one.

Thursday: easy 31:23 with 7xstrides
Friday: day off (unscheduled)
Saturday: easy 1:18:16
Sunday: hilly 1:07:47


Cliff said...


I hope your new work is treating you well. This weekend have been lazy and relaxing for me. Didn't run too much and focus on just resting up for this week. Last week to build for TO marathon. Lotta running in mind ;)

Not much scrotch for me. Just a few Mooseheads.

Love2Run said...

It is hard to get back in the routine isn't it? Took me almost 3 weeks to get back on track but you seem to be on a roll now.

Anonymous said...