Wednesday, September 24

More Hills

Had you asked me on Monday how my weekend runs had gone I would have replied fine, the company was enjoyable and the pace comfortable. Easy. I believe the problem rests though in my thinking of the runs in isolation. Alas, as I was out for my easy jaunt on Monday afternoon it felt like the second game of a double-header, one where I went hard early on and was now paying the price.

Yesterday was better.

Slipping into my new job was been relatively easy thus far, so much so I decided to run home from work yesterday. Not thinking, I opted to run through the old neighborhood, randomly making my way through Beacon Hill Park and then tracing my way down the streets of Fairfield before taking a more direct line for Cedar Hill Golf Course. My prolonged 40’ warm-up left me good and limber (and slightly fatigued) before I even started the workout. I ran a series of 1’ repeats on a long gradual hill on the east side of the course before switching over to a brutally sharp beast on the west side for my 30” kickers. The session was made all the more challenging as both the men’s and women’s Varsity Cross Country teams were there running their own workouts which unfortunately assisted in keeping me honest. The buggers.

This morning then, on the heels of yesterday workout/long run (the furthest in probably two months), I limped my way to work all the time asking myself what I was doing. I think I like early morning runs when it’s dark out, somehow the miles seem to pass more easily. Perhaps the darkness lulls the brain into thinking it’s all still a dream.

Enjoy the roads.

Monday: easy 31:34
Tuesday: 1:23:45 with 5x1’ hills + 8x30” hills
Wednesday: was 38:57 with 6xstrides


Thomas said...

Trying to keep up with the young ones, eh? Always a tough one.

Michael said...

You don't know how much it hurt, rather that than a blow to the ego:) Plus, it must've made me stronger, right?

Cliff said...

Hi Michael,

Just want to say...I done all my trainings. Taper is in order. Thanks for all the advices and tips.

Yesterday was my long run. 20 miles and it felt great. The last 10 km, I was running at marathon pace. We shall see how this will add up on Oct 19th.

When i get up at 4 am to get out the door, my mind don't really kick in until an hour or so in the run. Haha, you are right. The night definitely lull the mind.

Anonymous said...