Sunday, September 7


Ally was looking through some emails this morning as I was sitting quietly in the kitchen enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It was drizzling lightly outside and Isla was still asleep; the day was peaceful.

The silence was broken though as Ally ran into the room yelling at me that I'd missed my opportunity to register for Boston. Admittedly I had forgotten that registration had opened but I wasn't that worried about getting in. It wasn't as if I was registering months later. Regardless, after 5' of forms and web searches I was registered and apparently all they have to do is confirm my qualifying time and the rest is history. As for now, I wait. Now all I have to do is convince Carter to join Hicham and I.

After taking it easy for the last few days I managed to get in a few good runs. Yesterday I headed out through the farmlands towards Denham and feeling good on the way home I decided to run an impromptu workout. I should've stopped while I was ahead.

As for today, I relaxed in the house this morning until the rain eased up and then managed to squeeze in a long(er) run without getting that wet. The fact that I didn't get was a small miracle as England has been inundated with rain all summer and apparently it isn't letting up.

Saturday: 54:34 with 4x3' (1')
Sunday: leisurely 1:23:22