Sunday, January 25

Boston Marathon (12-weeks out)

Cobble Hill 10k: my race this weekend was much better than I feared; in fact, the first thing that comes to mind is the tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf. And now, now I’m just greedy.

With the prior weekend’s w/o swirling about in my mind, I toed the line worried I was on the verge of a complete disaster. I started conservatively, or so I thought, but with most of the first 2k downhill, I wasn’t surprised to see the splits indicating a time beyond what I thought capable. I watched my usual companions quickly pull away and if it wasn’t for force of habit I would’ve let the next group do the same.

After about three kilometers, I clawed my way onto the heels of Kevin and Walter and ran steady for the next few clicks. I continued to check my energy level and constantly reminded myself to save something for the end (wanting to finish strong as Jon always advocates in his workouts). Regrettably, it was with about two miles remaining that I was able to enjoy the complete and piercing pleasure of a stitch. With Walter shouting encouragement, I couldn’t help but think I looked like a fledgling learning to fly what with me running down the road one arm held aloft, only to lower it for a few seconds and then repeat the inane act. Race results here, splits as follows:

3:25, 3:27, 3:39, 3:43, 3:42
3:41, 3:37, 3:34, 3:37, 3:32

In the end I’m happy with the performance, elated actually as after reflecting on previous performances I stand in good stead (for this time of year). Still, I can’t help think back to 2007 while when preparing for London I ran 35:46 at the same time of year. I also recall running 3:14:11 in London, not an experience I’m in a rush to repeat. Pace yourself young grasshopper, pace yourself.

But enough about me, the real star this weekend was young Isla. Not only did not one, but both of her front teeth come through but the brave little soul also took her first tentative step(s). We’re at four and counting.

Congratulations goes out to Todd for winning, Hicham for a stellar performance and Walter for his encouragement.

Saturday: easy 20:05
Sunday: 1:24:33 with Cobble Hill 10k in 36:01 AHR 167 approx. 90% MHR

Weekly mileage: 4h11’05”, +/- 59k or 37 miles


Thomas said...

Congratulations, especially to Isla. You'll very soon lose count!

Mike said...

Hey Michael - Great race!!

You've got to feel good (and probably somewhat relieved) that your fitness is this far along at this early part of the year.

Great start to '09, and good luck w/ the training going forward.

Walter said...

Excellent work out there Mike:) I was going to ask about the Good for you for keeping the pace during an uncomfortable time. Sounds like good marathon training;)

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I feel much better about the race and I was surprised how I felt yesterday and today too.

As for Isla, we're at 8 and counting...

Anonymous said...

Great job at Cobble! Hope to see you out for Saturday's wo!

Anonymous said...