Tuesday, January 13


"The next time it begins to rain... lie down on your belly, nestle your chin into the grass, and get a frog's-eye view of how raindrops fall... The sight of hundreds of blades of grass bowing down and popping back up like piano keys strikes me as one of the merriest sights in the world." - Malcolm Margolin

Thank God for small wonders. I’ve been feeling under the weather the last two days which hasn’t been helped by my sweet little daughters inability to sleep through the night. What I’d give for 7 hours of uninterrupted deep sleep. So when I dragged my weary body from the office this evening, feeling like utter crap, I was completed surprised by the quality of my run.

Perhaps it had something to do with it being incrementally lighter in the evenings now, or, that I ran the entire way home without having a raindrop hit me. Perhaps. Still, despite a sore throat and feeling rundown I enjoyed a completely underserved smooth and peaceful run home.

[changing the topic]

I’ve been feeling well behind the 8-ball when it comes to training for Boston. Not the approach, but more so my body’s inability to absorb any training, to be able to string a week’s worth of solid running together and feel fit. This perception was based in part on the volume that others are doing (Thomas, Mike – keep it up you buggers) and me feeling tired and slow. I reviewed my logs when training for Ottawa ’06 and Sacramento ’06 and was surprised to see that I’m bang on schedule, conceivably, slightly ahead. Comforting. Maybe this west coast weather is getting to me. And to think I have the pleasure of traveling to Ottawa next week where it is currently -24C, -34C with the wind. Oh, joy. I need some sunshine.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: steady (!) 1:17:56


Private said...

From time to time it baffles me to see the miles and training other people put in. My legs would go on strike if I tried doing that on them. Hell, they get pissed if I go above 60 miles in a week!

Marc said...

Nice post...thanks for the sunshine!

Glad to hear you are spot on with your training.

I plan on being in Boston this year as a spectator.

Thomas said...

It's all relative, Michael. What to you is sluggish and slow would be dead fast to me. There's plenty of time between now and April.

One thing is for sure, -24C would see me either on a treadmill or in bed, but definitely not outside.

Michael said...

60 miles a week at this point of the season isn't too bad.

Marc, glad to hear you're going to be in Boston. Mike had mentioned it but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

And Thomas, I could agree more with you regarding the weather, -24C is cold!

Love2Run said...

Not sure whose training you're following but it's been a struggle for me to get much over 40-50 mpw lately (with the ham issue) and so I'm feeling exactly as you do (behind the 8 ball).

A get together in Boston is looking like a good idea. Saturday night supper or a Sunday lunch might be the easiest to plan for all that are interested.

Anonymous said...