Thursday, January 29

Still Holding

On Sunday afternoon, I received an email from Jon asking how the race went. After a brief dialogue, we agreed it was decent enough start to the season. But with my first race now behind me, and Boston inside the 12-week window I was certain it was game time. I was surprised then when Jon told me to run easy on Monday, a day I typically take off, but even more surprised when I found out that I would be doing a 10k/5k pace workout this weekend. What do I know? I guess I still have some time before the real fun and games begin.

As for today, I stopped by the store on the way home from work and exchanged my old worn-out 2130 for some new (red) 2140. I’d been feeling sore and achy the last few weeks but assumed it was either old age or my body adapting to the training. I was wrong. What a difference a new pair of shoes can make!

Okay, the missus is calling and I have to run. I hope everyone has a great weekend of training and happy birthday to Cater and Thomas!

Monday: easy 40:55
Tuesday: steady 1:23:22
Wednesday: day off (scheduled)
Thursday: steady 1:00:09


Thomas said...

Thank you. And don't worry, the fun will undoubtedly start soon enough!

Grellan said...

Well done on the 10k Michael. Should give you a great confidence boost heading into your Boston preparation.

Congratulations to Isla also on her first steps.

Love2Run said...

You're really on track now and staying healthy (good shoes) is a big priority. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...