Wednesday, January 7


If I were to follow along with yesterday’s paddlewheeler analogy. Had I actually been that riverboat captain, and had I decided to leap into the water while fully clothed. Well, this evening while out on my run I couldn’t have been any more wet.

With little to no remnants of our recent snowfall remaining, the weather has returned to something resembling typical west coast conditions. Light drizzle. Rain. Heavy downpour. Torrential showers. Driving, hammering, bouncing back up off the road precipitation.

The workout called for 40’ at marathon effort, and along with the session, Jon suggested a route that he has used when training for a hilly marathon. Sure, I thought, why not. On a night where the roads were rivers, and my clothes completely waterlogged, I should be happy with my performance. And I am, marginally. Still, this didn’t prevent me from cursing the weather during my cool down.

As for my achilles, and I say this with hushed words, I think I’ve made progress as it didn’t bother me tonight, or at least very little. I suppose there is something to be (begrudgingly) said for stretching.

[note to self, I think it’s time to reinvest in a HRM]

Training: 1:20:36 with 40’ ME