Wednesday, January 14

A day later (the aftermath)

The perfect four-point landing, nothing could be better.

I’m not sure what hit first as it happened all too fast. If I were to guess I’d say it was my right ankle followed in quick succession by my lower leg and knee. And then the hip, and finally the forearm. All this before even getting to work. All this before enjoying even one sacred cup of black coffee. All this because of a damn dog!

Because… because I’m stubborn and needed to get some fresh air. Who am I kidding, because I wanted to run, I snuck out this evening and even managed to squeeze the prescribed workout. It certainly wasn’t pretty but much better than I imagined. It took a little while longer to warm-up and even then, I never quite gained my full stride. For those of you who know the bugger, I felt like Phil Nicholls (minus the Spiderman outfit).

It took a while to get going, and as I was running the bend on Donwood Dr., every odd interval was ever so slightly uphill and into the wind, but the even ones, those are the repeats I remember.

I wish I could sleep in my left side.

Training: 1:02:04 with 10x1.5’ 5kE (1’)