Sunday, January 11

Pioneer 8k

After what began with a slow start, due in no small part to me forgetting my shoes, I wrapped up the week in fine form and even managed to squeeze in a race (spectating).

Friday was truly special, and rare. I fired off an email to Carter in the early afternoon tempting him with a double-barreled proposal: run and/or beer. To my complete surprise, my over-worked friend was good to go and shortly after 4:00, we started our way home, looping around Beacon Hill Park and through the old neighborhood (we later made good on both counts).

With most everyone in our group racing this weekend, I was on my own on Saturday. The workout called for 6x5’ but rather than go down to Beacon Hill I opted for a new loop near home (Donwwod/Emily Carr). With the emphasis on finishing strong, I told myself that if I didn’t descend an interval the w/o was over. Starting conservatively, but steady, I thought I’d dug myself a hole after the forth repeat but hung on: 5:27, 5:15, 5:11, 5:00, 4:56 & 4:53.

As for today, with an early start I was able to log a slow (and rather agonizing) two hours before heading out to watch the first race in the Island Series (the Pioneer 8k). The race was very competitive for our parts, with the eventual winner finishing in 23:35. I talked with Jon (coach) after the race and asked him how he felt, “I haven’t run that fast for quite some time” he replied. Congratulation to everyone racing including Hicham, Todd and Marilyn (in Scotland). Results here. Watching was fun but I’m looking forward to my first race of the season in two weeks time.

[photos: after about 500m, Todd and Hicham]

Thursday: easy 47:25
Friday: easy 1:18:17
Saturday: 1:16:04 with 6x5’ 10kE (75”)
Sunday: easy 2:00:04

Weekly mileage: 6h42’26”, +/- 94k or 59 miles


Marc said...

Great job on the repeats - I hope you made a similar proposal to yourself as with Carter on Friday. You certainly earned it. Though drinking a good ale on one's own is only half as good as enjoying a fine ale in good company.

Michael said...

Saturday, yes, I do remember having at least 'a' pint. So will you be in Boston then this year?

Anonymous said...