Tuesday, January 6


I cycled home this evening for the first time in probably more than three weeks, at least since the snow arrived. Had I been able to turn my spokes 90 degrees I’d be telling you about my experience as a riverboat captain steering a mighty paddlewheeler. As it was, I arrived home much akin to the traditional drowned rat.

Why wasn’t I running home you might ask? Ach, well despite bringing the appropriate clothing with me, this morning it appeared I neglected to pack my shoes. Perhaps it’s for the best though. Given that I’ve stretched three of the last four nights, four times in the previous five months, my achilles is feeling a lot better.

So, with no running news I thought I’d update you on this
guy, his words work best, “Just wanted to let you know that Sonja and I got engaged in Barbados over Christmas. It was up at the northernmost point of the island, which is stark in contrast to the white sand beaches of the south.”

Congratulations Brad!

Monday: day off/stretched (scheduled)
Tuesday: day off/stretched (unscheduled)


Marc said...

I can't tell you how many times I've suited up for a run from work only to find myself shoeless.

Well, you made the best of it with the bike ride home.

Full steam ahead!

Love2Run said...

Good to hear that the stretching is helping and nice news about Brad. Hope you get your training mojo back, your last post sounded rough.

Anonymous said...