Thursday, February 26

Turning the Corner

Although my knee is still bothered, I feel that progress is being made and I’m continuing to take steps to get it sorted. I was lucky enough to see a massage therapist yesterday and I have a follow-up appointment with Jaymie this evening.

Not wanting to shy away from the training, I decided to put the leg to the test yesterday night. The session called for 10x2’ and although not called for, I contemplated running 600s on the track but couldn’t line up the logistics. Consequently, after warming up on the Goose I proceeded to wind it up on the Lochside Trail. I tried to keep my pace steady and controlled for the first few repeats but was surprised how desperate and uncoordinated I felt. Still, by the time I began the back half of the set, my stride was coming around and for the first time in months I felt like I was chewing up the ground.

This weekend’s w/o will be the real test. I think the plan is to run a session similar to one completed a few weeks back, if nothing else I hope to see some improvement (I’m cautiously optimistic).

Wednesday: 1:15:28 with 10x2’ (1’)
Thursday: easy 1:01:00


Walter said...

R U running long tomorrow? If so, what time and would you like some company if it fits?

Michael said...

Sunday? Hoping to get out early, around 8:00 for an easy 2 hours?

Walter said...

Want some company? Let me know where and when? I am going 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hrs depending on how I feel.

Michael said...

Sure, that would be nice. Hicham is meeting me at my place, 1111 Nicholson (off Quadra) at 8:00. Hope to see you.

Walter said...

Have a great run:)

Anonymous said...